My Life Source

What will I do?
When all the paper has ran out?
Will I sit and weep?
Will I stare at the clock
Deep in thought?
How will I go on in life?
With nobody pushing me
In what I love to do?
What will I do
When my ink runs dry?
Will I have the strength
To get a new one?
Will I sit and worry?
I will still be me, I know.
You can scorn me with your lies
But I will still be me.
If I have to carve
The words on wood with only my nails
I will get what I need said.
If I have to speak my words
From the needle of my tongue
I will do so.
No soul or thing on earth
Can cease my writing
For it is all a thought.
My mind is a stone
Covered with brimstone
No water can kindle it
No hammer can break it.
Nothing can stop it.
It only continues to burn
And may hurt if not careful
Though I may die
It shall still continue
For it is alive
In spirit, within me
And I within it
For it is my life source…
The only part of me that is me.

written by LeQuita C. Harrison                         Back to Passion of Poetry

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