The Tide

The crystal sea of diamonds,
Washed upon my shore.
It brought joy and pain
But still, it, I adored.
With the wind as its hands
And the crackle of the sky,
It brought millions of love
And watched hearts go by.
With a taste that stings
I still drink it with pride.
It brought power to my soul
And enlightment in my eyes.
The coolness of its touch
Made all my toes stand.
It brought sparkles of light
And glisten my path.
With its rhythm in its dance
My pulse caught up.
It brought a whirl of possibilities
And fulfillment in my cup.
The crystal sea of diamonds
Washed upon my shore.
I smiled with a thank you
Because it brought me my world.

 written by LeQuita C. Harrison

also find in Passion of Poetry

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