Getting into the Korean Addiction

Dear Blog,

Thanks to my sister Autumn and her obsession with Asian people and Asian things. I am now hooked. I am so hooked that I mostly listen to Asian songs mainly in the Korean category. I love Asian actors and singers such as T.O.P. G-Dragon and the rest of the Big Bang group. And actors Motsumoto Jun who I love so dearly, Jang Guen Suk, and Lee Hong Ki. I am soooo hooked that I am actually teaching myself Korean. It is very nice and I am going at my own pace. I love saying Salanghae which means I love you. I love the word Gamsahabnida which means Thank you and believe me saying it this way sounds so nice to the tongue and the throat. I am still trying to learn phrasings and how to address people the correct way. I love it. I love challenging myself. So before long I will be a black young woman who knows Korean. People gona look at me like WTF.  haha. Peace!

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