The Key of Accomplishing Anything

People already know the answer to the key of accomplishing anything. You do it everyday and do not realize it. People old and young take advantage of it and do not realize how important it is to us. Imagine walking around town and not knowing what those strange symbols mean hanging on top of stores and the signal lights and the street signs. Yes, you’d probably guess where I am heading too. Reading. It is very funny to go up to a person on the street and ask, “Do you read? Do you read a lot? Do you consider yourself a good reader?” and then they would probably reply, “Oh no, I don’t read. And not as often as I should,” or, “I think I am an average reader.” Well, the ironic part about their answers are what makes them funny. Of course people think when you say ‘read’ they interpret it as ‘reading a book’ but when you think about it, it means both. We are the ones who separate it to the topic of books because we forget about using it in our daily lives.

Reading is very important and whether you are awesome at it or a beginner…like the chillydren… you should take heed to it. Most of the time in your life you are reading and can help a lot when you are in school, at work, and even driving a car- “WATCH OUT THAT’s A DEAD END!” Although, now a days they say you must learn how to use the computer and all these other wild technologies fighting for the spotlight and killing brain cells. But when you read a book you are opening your mind to extraordinary boundaries that only you can create. To use your imagination and to use your own interpretations considering your background, your life, your issues, and even your personality, you can create your own world and understandings. There is nothing wrong with letting your head go up in the clouds here and there…nooo not all the time…here and there.

Without the ability to read we would be making noises to communicate. Although, when you think about it, when we speak we are making some type of noise but its only organized….0_o. Well, as I was saying we should not take advantage of our ability to read by forgetting that we do it every second of the day. It’s good to profound on it with books and magazines…newspapers. By doing this we can gain the knowledge we do not get from watching TV and listening to Bruno Mars The Lazy Song. Get up and do something!

Let reading be your priority because if you can’t read then nobody is going to want you and you will not be able to accomplish anything because you won’t know what anything is talking about.

(This is a random thought I wanted to say. If it sounds confusing just laugh it off)

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