The Love…

I never expected when it came unto me

I eased my way in as if I was a bee

There was no need to hide how I felt

As I looked in your eyes and my heart just melt

Eyes so brown and bright, so full of life

I wanted to snatch you and make you all mines.

But oh how our lives run down different paths

I now still hope that one day we will soon pass

I’ll see you walk by or have a word with you

I will die inside with nerves and hope you do too

The way you smile just makes me want to laugh

Every time you speak its like a melody on blast

I cry when you’re so far away

I cry when you don’t notice me that day

Oh the pain of love is just the beginning of life

To experience something new and full of delight

I shall hold you close, if you will be mine

Stare in those eyes while the time flies bye.

The love I feel inside my heart

Is waiting for you to take your part

I want you and I am not afraid to say it

I think liking you have made me different

I feel as if we can be something new

I just hope in your heart you feel the love too.

-to K.A.B.


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