Why and How did I come to Love Johnny Depp…0_o

When people ask me, “Why do you like Johnny Depp?” I usually reply, well, I was at my peek, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t its the beginning stage of adolescence. I was in six grade at this horrible school that I ended up transferring out of. And the English teacher, Mrs. Beard… yes that was her name, said it was movie day (Friday). She was already a huge fan of the man and I was just in the stages of my life where I thought every boy I saw was cute. But I was shy and usually got picked on a lot so I didn’t really stand out in a positive way for others. So the teacher had put in the movie. She said it was Pirates of the Caribbean, The Black Pearl. I think it just came out because it sounded familiar in my ears and everyone was agreeing to put it in.

As the movie went on I found myself being drawn in by this pirate dude, named Jack Sparrow. And at that moment I fell in love with the man’s talent. See I am a very creative person and have come to do some acting in my high school years. So I was looking forward to people who were great at what they do. Plus the pirate was sexy. Since that Friday evening watching that movie I begged my mother to by it for me. If I can recall, I got it after doing something. All I remember was going to Wal-Mart and asking the guy at the counter if they had it and he went and got it for me. We watched it that night and my little sister, Autumn, was scared of it, because of the walking skeletons. I was a little scared too but I was fixated on that one pirate. Capt. Jack Sparrow.

So I was young and didn’t really think, hey LeQuita go look up the dude. I wasn’t too much into computers at the time. Matter a fact computers were still trying to get popular. So a few months later before I transferred to another school, out of that ridiculous school, me and my sister brought the movie Peter Pan which came out too. Of course my jumping peeking stage was hypnotic on pirates. Pirates, pirates, and pirates. Wow when I think about it now, that sounds weird, but it is true. And when we saw Captain Hook in that movie we fell in love. At first I thought it was the man that played Jack Sparrow but saw it wasn’t. It was Jason Isaacs who is also a talented actor. Wew I am not going to tell you where my mind was in that year.

Finally, after I transferred to a new and clean environment…and moved to another house, I looked the pirate up. Johnny Depp….<3 I remember printing out trillions of pictures of him on the internet and cutting him out of magazines. I admired him for some reason… do not ask, just read and enjoy. So by the time I got to 7th grade I was practically in love with the man. I had seen half of his movies and seen almost all of his interviews on youtube. I say this was the time I became awesome at using computers. I was the person you came to when the computer broke down.

I remember one horrible embarrassing day when I came to lose my folder with my Johnny Depp stuff in it. At first I did not notice and when I did I thought I had left it home. So that one day I was in my science teacher’s class and we were taking a test or something. And he held up a folder and began to read the poems I wrote to Johnny Depp. At first I was clueless at what he was reading but then I recognized the green folder and the words struck me. My eyes opened wide and I fell embarrassed. I was already not the ‘popular’ type in that school so to have this done was like a road to disaster.

He gave me back my folder and everyone was smiling but not laughing at me. I felt comfortable and the teacher made me feel comfortable as well. He started to do impressions of Johnny and I completely forgot everyone was in the room. He was so funny. So after that day, that same teacher, reminds me of my obsession of Johnny Depp. He even brought me a pirates of the caribbean towel and bathwash. And always told me that he saw him walking down the street or going into another classroom. Everyone began to get use to it and I felt more comfortable about liking Johnny. Thanks to my teacher, my crazy classmates, Mrs. Beard and her intro of that movie, I would not have noticed the guy. But now I only think he is handsome and very talented. I admire his skills and he is or was I don’t know dedicated to his french family.

-love to Johnny Depp. will always be my number 1 star.

P.S. Kelly Allen Breeding is my second. I don’t think he will ever make it up there to take Johnny’s spot. *Shrug*

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