I feel a rumble in my tummy
It’s telling me something funny.
I hope it’s about some money
It maybe about sweet honey
But all I know its humming
Firing up inside me
What happened to my belly?
It don’t feel like jelly.
It mainly feels compelling.
I do not like this feeling.
My mind knows what its saying.
It’s popping and its growling
It’s wining and its calling
What’s going on in my stomach?
I am not sick and feverish
Nor cramped up and or peevish
When my eyes see a danish
I notice that it increases
So what is this I’m suffering from?
It surly got me on the run.
Maybe I should give it food
Do you think it’s in the mood?
Immediately my body jumps for joy
I give it some and it rejoice
I felt a laugh within my tummy
It surely told me something funny
The entire time, I’m sitting here in worry
Only to find out that it was hungry.

-By LeQuita C. Harrison

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