My Novels in Progress….

Like I said in my last blog. Writing a novel is not easy. You got to put together the details, the characters, the conflicts, the descriptions, the settings, and of course more but the hugest and the most important thing is the ORDER. Right now I am in the progress of writing at least five books. The two I am working on the most, (going back and forth) is one called A Child of God and the other The Gifted Awakens (still undecided about title). The other three I will not name because I am slowly going back to them when ideas strike or I get that urge to reread it. Now the basics of writing a book are the many editions. You must and I repeat, must rewrite your book many of times or at least the chapters many of times so you can embed it into your mind as well as create new ideas or tweet it up a bit, etc. The worse part about writing a book are the writerblocks. I despise writerblocks with a passion. If that happens to me than before I know it I am writing a whole different book and the one I started is being left behind. And also when that happens I begin to make up ridiculous stuff and my imagination starts going farrrrrrr ahead into the book in progress. So yes, it is dangerous, writing a book. But if you love climbing those mountains of writing a book then it is for you. Not everyone can write a book, but everyone can write a story, at least. Everyone has an imagination and hopefully a good mindset, so you should be able to jot down a couple paragraphs about something. That is why I enjoy writing essays for school. Yea, I’m a nerd, but I am a writer and wish to become a better writer. Hopefully a professional where my stuff will be written everywhere. I pray. =) So it’s all about opening your mind and being free.

So please pray for me while I am writing these books. It is a hard job and I know that writers everyday are getting paid to just sit at their desks all day and write. I don’t want to be like that though but whatever suits you, Go and Let It Be and Succeed. But I will get through this. My mind is craving for me to let these ideas in my mind go or I swear I will probably explode from it all.

Writing is fun. And don’t let anyone discourage you at what you love to do.

Thank you for reading, My Novels in Progress…

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