They couldn’t even wait until four o’clock came
They couldn’t take that one minute to sit and relax
They may as well hadn’t told me
They shouldn’t even had said they were coming.
I sit in here in the cold and wait to leave
And they gona trick me with that nonsense.
Now I got to take the bus
The filthy bus with all them boogers.
Now I am mad and in a rage
They did it, they did it.
They shouldn’t have told me they were coming
I would have been fine not knowing.
Couldn’t even wait until I was due to leave
Okay whatever time is here
They could have been outside there.
Siting there
Now I am mad. Angry. A little chilly.
Bye now i must go and catch the bus.

By LeQuita C. Harrison                       Back to Passion of Poetry

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