Something to Remember

There was no way to see it approaching.
This invisible power of natural being.

I fell into it like an unnoticed spell.
It did nothing but pour joy into my well.
An unquenchable joy that is dangerous to the soul.

It grabbed me and pulled me into its embrace.
I held on thinking it was going to take me to a nice place.
Only after a while my power didn’t reach you.
I sat in the darkness crying, what didn’t I do?
I could hear it laughing at me in my woe.

I tried to be ignorant of the obvious truth.
There’s no such thing as Cupid’s food.
I scold the many times I waited thinking
You were going to run to me singing.
I was a fool to let this spell flow

This is indeed something I will remember.
A failed attempt to see past wander.
To let it exceed to the point of obsession
An empty chase of hopeless confessions
Now I constantly apologize to my broken heart so cold.

You didn’t even know I exist.
Well, of course you do now that you’re reading this.
        -Oh how my body cannot cease to laugh at this.
Though your beauty may forever be in me
I shall learn to guard my heart from envy
Let you go and live on, my love. Go. Go.
-No really go. I don’t want to see you again.

I scold now, that this letter is so long.
        -You aren’t really worth it.
        -Then again, I did think you perfect.
A determined writer, I can only prolong.
I shall let you go. But I will not forget.
I pray one day something better I shall get.
Patiently I’ll wait until another is sent to me from the Lord.

– (C) by LeQuita C. Harrison

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