The Great and Terrible Beauty on Film Yet Kartik’s Character is Wrong

greatPersonally, I hate it when filmmakers take a very good book and do not stick somewhat true to the characters. I can see if they had to change some scenes around and what not- I’m good with that. But when it comes to the characters themselves, I hate it when they change them.

I have found out that one of my favorite author’s Libba Bray will be having her Gemma Doyle Trilogies put on film. Here is the trailer: The thing I do not like about this movie ALREADY is the fact that Kartik is white. It is stated plenty of times that Kartik has beautiful brown skin.

Quote from Chapter 1: Gemma describes Kartik. “For a moment, the young man and I lock eyes. He isn’t much older than I am, probably seventeen if a day, with brown skin, a full mouth, and the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. I know I’m not supposed to find Indian men attractive, but I don’t see many young men and I find I’m blushing in spite of myself.” Now I don’t know what book they reading from but this obviously says BROWN SKIN. Do white people translate this word to white when they see it or read it?

What happened here? Did the filmmakers find it hard to find a handsome brown Indian to play this role? Did they think it idiotic to have Gemma Doyle (a white English girl from London) to fall in love with a BROWN SKIN Indian? Are white people ashamed or feel afraid to have a white girl fall in love with a brown skin man?

I cannot see how they disappove of this when every day we see interational couples amongst us. Society have placed it that its a good thing. And I am for it. So why couldn’t they make Kartik what he was created in the book? They made the other characters true to their appearances and behavior!! So what happened to Kartik?

If my book becomes famous to the point where a movie will be made of it, I hope I have a huge say on my characters. They can do whatever they like with the scenes and dialogue. But when it comes to characters and the relationships between my my my my characters they will have to step over my dead body before changing something so outwardly OBVIOUS!!

And i cannot believe Libba Bray went along with this. I don’t know if she meant to describe Kartik as a lighter skinned Indian and didn’t know how too- i don’t know. But the filmmakers have did a big no no to her book trilogy that she is allowing it to go onward. If it’s money that’s preventing her from saying what she wants then i guess the money was more important than her loving desire to write.

I’m sorry if i sound like a hater or whatever, but this is how i see the writing and film world. They both are to entertain but when its not done CORRECTLY and TRUTHFULLY i cannot help but feel annoyed and disagreeable.

I will see the movie though, be on that! But the whole romantic thing with Gemma and Kartik and Kartik period i will not be satisfied.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve been enlightened.

PS: I did email her about this but of course i was polite. I hope she responds.

Written by LeQuita C. Harrison


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