Grammar and Punctuation and Other Things us Writers have to Look Out for…

To tell you the truth I thought writing was the way you can (or could, who knows) openly express yourself and give people something to fantasize. I know we as Americans must grasp the importance of speaking properly with pronunciation and relaying it on paper as well but come on really!? Sometimes it annoys me when I write a nice short story and send it to someone to edit and it returns with red marks. Didn’t you not understand where I was coming from when I used those double negatives? What about when I screwed up the clauses and the prepositions were popping out like red beans in a pile of corn? Why is it so important that we must be so precise with wording? I think if a person- not an editor etc.- read a first draft of someone’s writing (someone’s work) and they finish with a clear understanding, then that’s what matters.

Okay, I may sound ridiculous(,) but I just hope I’m not the only one out there who gets so annoyed when it comes to speaking and writing with perfection. No one is perfect. We can get better at what we do but no one is perfect. Most of the author’s that I read their interviews said(,) they go through over ten drafts plus the drafts after editors have scorned the work which plainly proves my point. By the time one is finish all of the cutting and adding etc., the story will not be that story that flowed from your heart. That story that made you smile when you were mowing the lawn or emotional when you’ve realized you were on your way into an amazing novel idea.

Well, there is nothing wrong with striving to be a better writer but it’s hard work for sure. I’ve written up to 10 drafts so far of the book I’m still working on and to tell you the truth after researching and studying the basics and importance of Grammar and Pronunciation and Punctuation, man I’m starting to worry about the fun and the enjoyment my novel will give. I pray people will enjoy this novel when I’m finish and it comes out. (When it is published)

“Do not let anyone tell you, Mister Writer or Miss Writer, that writing a book is easy. It is hard work but at the end we always know it is (very) worth it.” =P -LCH


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