Good vs. Evil- The Spiritual Battle

Good vs. evil pictureSome people think that God created evil. Then they ask how can a God filled with so much love and good create evil? They do not realize they had answered their own question and concern. God is filled with only love and only good. Of course God did not create evil. Why would he have a plan of salvation for us at the same time throw us in the bucket of stones?

The question you should be asking is why does God allow evil to go its course? God is very powerful isn’t He? Here’s the answer.

Now first of all evil was created and started by Lucifer, the holiest cherub in heaven who had God’s own heart and ear. Over time he let his admiration turn to lust then lust into jealously and then rebellion. God’s character and nature is made and based and proclaimed on and through Love. Every decision of His is given through Love and every action is done through Love. He wants the best for everyone including his angels, this includes giving us choices. The last thing God want is to force anyone to do something they don’t want to do. His rule, His throne, His creations, His laws were not based on fear but Love. Fear is sin, fear is bad, but Love saves, Love is good.

So while Lucifer was acting out in heaven, God continued showing love through what is called Mercy. It is something we as humans and a great creation of God must and should possess as well. Mercy is when someone murders a person and instead of sentencing him to execution you give him a second chance through life in prison. Mercy is one way of showing love and choice through giving second chances. So instead of God destroying Lucifer and his followers God set the perfect example of Mercy. He gave him time to repent to stop what he was doing and when that didn’t happen he banished him from heaven, forever. That is something we do not want because heaven is a good place away from the wickedness of this world. Heaven, eternity, living with Jesus should be our main goal every day in our lives.

You may grow puzzled by God’s actions but try and see it through His loving eyes. He loved Lucifer just as he loves every sinner in this world. He doesn’t want to see us hate and murder each other. He want us to love and encourage one another. Yes, He has the power to destroy but God also has a heart of forgiving and urging his creation to turn back to Him. God wants our hearts and minds not just our bodies. He gave them to us as gifts of His love. We do not like it if a person gives us a gift and then take it back. So just think of how hard it is for God to hold back and let us use our gifts to make choices. Bad ones or good ones, God only waits to see if we will choose wisely… and that is the good choices.

Now that we’ve explained how evil was born lets go to another question people always bring up. Was it Adam and Eve who created sin?

No. Again Lucifer was the one who birthed evil. When it comes to Adam and Eve they were God’s new creations. They had no wings like the angels and they’re mindsets were like God’s, pure and with no touch of uncleanliness. They did not experience the war in heaven with Lucifer but they did know about it. Two different things. Experiencing means they were affected in some way but knowing is more of being told the story.

It was Lucifer who deceived Eve making her curious which eventually led to her eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. Now Adam had a choice, to listen or not to but he ended up being persuaded by Eve. When they were approached by God, he fell sorrowful but not angry. With Love and Mercy, He banished them from the Garden of Eden and casted them on the other side of his glorious protection. As years flew by Lucifer was the prince of Earth deceiving and turning man’s heart away from God. Still it is going on to this day, but it will grow worst as Jesus’ return quickly approach. Lucifer does not want humans to make it to heaven because his chance had been ruined.

Even after Jesus came and died on the cross for everyone, the devil is still making war against him. Evil is a spiritual thing as well as good. It works at your heart first, then mind, then eventually it shows through your character. The Spiritual Battle is going on as you read this. Where there is evil there is good and where there is good there is evil. Which side are you on?

God is good, the devil is bad. God is Love, the devil is hate. Whatever you do, do not entertain the devil. Try your best to entertain God, show Him you want to be saved and live everlasting with him.

Steps to Victory
1. Accept and Believe– Jesus Christ is your Saviour. Learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the Fruits of the Spirit, living a righteous life, the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath Day (Saturday), and even the deceptions of Satan. You must be able to distinguish good and evil.

2. Conversion– Turn your life towards Jesus. Declare your new life in him and follow his every step. We can be perfect in Jesus Christ.

3. Repentance– Seek forgiveness for all sins, the ones you know and those you don’t know. Ask Jesus to open your eyes so you can see when you do wrong. Remember we are still humans but our goal is to be a perfect human.

4. Baptism– You go down an old creature and rise up a new creature. Your entire body must be emerged in a body of water. As Jesus died and was in his grave, so you must be emerged so the water could wash away the old you. As he rose from his grave with all the power of the world, so you must rise from the water with a new spirit of power to rebuke evil and have God’s ear in everything.

5. Follow– Keep focused on Jesus, eternal life. Be a disciple in the name of Jesus and win your crown. And of course, help others. Remember Love and Mercy.

When the Spiritual Battle is finally over, God will be the victor. The righteous will be the victor. Satan and his angels and the sinners who didn’t make it will be destroyed.

No more Good vs. Evil.

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