A True Heart

I’ll paint my heart
On a canvas so white
To show how pure I am.
I’ll detail the veins
The arteries, the blood
To show how real I am.
I’ll put the pulse,
The rhythm, the patience
To show how desirable I am.
I’ll indicate the feelings,
The warmth and the cold
To show how honest I am.
I’ll color it red, blue,
And some colors of passion
To show how caring I am.
I’ll trace it all with a
Hint of black
To show how strong I am.
I’ll also place a
Blossomed flower, to show
How much of a woman I am.
I’ll make the petals
And the stem pop out
To show how curvy I am.
I’ll hang this painting
On your bedroom wall
To show how tempting I am.
I’ll make you smile
When you witness this piece
To show how gifted I am.
This piece is nothing
But a secret in part
To give you a hint
Of one who has
a true heart.
A love


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