Architecture with Art Analysis

I have this essay I need to do. It’s due Friday, September 26, at 12:00 am.

I don’t want to do it, but I have no choice.

It’s one of those short essays, you know about 600 words.

That’s not much for a writer, but right now I feel I have much more better things to do

I need to pass this class. Art and Idea it’s called.

It’s nice. I enjoy it. The professor is great, she’s wild and make the class interesting

But sometimes I just get lazy.

Can’t help it. We procrastinate. Us writers shouldn’t but we do.

It’s like our writing spirit had somehow got sick for let’s say 24hour virus

A virus that affects the hands… maybe the mind too

Well for me my mind is okay. I know what I’m going to write

A piece of an iron led cake. Yeah, I am like prepared, but for some reason I’m just stuck

I don’t want to do it, but eventually I will have to

I know I’ll get an A on it.

I’m good like that. I can write a three page essay in two hours at the most

spell check, grammar check, sentence structure- okay

Then make sure it follows the plan, the outline I wanted, then I’m finished.

It doesn’t take me long, unless I’m extremely stressed about something

racking my head off on something ridiculous

like comparing myself with other people

work, form, personality, you know what normal human beings go through

It’s normal, yes, to analyze yourself from the outside

observe yourself until you’ve noted all the faults

Of course you have to work on them.

It’s easy said than done.

Well, for writing it’s more it’s done said than easy.

Writing is easy when you need to check yourself into an asylum for stabbing your notebook

or vandalizing your laptop because you don’t know what to write about.

I thank God I can write and fell comfortable with writing or right now

I’d be stressed out about this architecture essay

I love architecture and art and analysis, but I’m  just tired

plain tired. I need a break. Run back to San Diego and sit by the harbor again

that was fun.

Well, enough talking. I need to go do this essay.

Wish me the best of fun!

-random poem



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