I Want to go Home One Day

This is not my home

The house I enter and exit every day

It’s strong roof is not strong enough

to pass through the devil’s storms

And the debts of it has gone too far

why should I pay to have my comfort?

Eyes glued to the back of your head

because you can’t trust a child who walks by

or an old man dunned in a hood

no one is safe,

why should I stand on tippy toes for my safety?

Then my life has no purpose, no use

the pocket-filled don’t care

they just want us all gone.

why should my life not matter?

Your hard labor goes unrewarded

and your savings is just to get to

the next day

why should I have to pay to live?

This is not my home

I must remember.

This is not where I’m supposed to be

This is not how it’s supposed to be

I own my property, my land

not the government

why can’t I be free of back burners?

I want to go home one day.

Where there is no sun

for the light would be from a King

There would be no pay to live

no one scratching you into poverty

no, no

I would be at comfort, true comfort

that is my home

I want to go home one day.

-random poetry



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