I posted a new story on My Figment. It’s a retold short story of Snow White. Please read and rate.

“Oh fair moon why do you glow so bright?

Caressing me with your heavenly light?

If I should be shadowed from your sight

Oh God have mercy on my soul tonight…”

Narcisa gawked at the soloist’s choice of song for her celebrated day. Every three years they would sing the same slow song to bring forth the Fairest. At first it was a lovely song speaking of her beauty and power, but now it was time wasted from continuing to the festival’s finale; her.

Her servant Gino snapped open his pocket watch, bopping his head with a joyous smile across his face. “It’s almost time, my Queen.”

The time would’ve came minutes ago if the Grand Host- as old as he was-hadn’t remembered the cursed song. But she was the Queen here, surrounded by the people of Ardana to celebrate the Silver Moon, and could whip time to her own satisfaction.

“Stop that singer and remove him from the platform,” she ordered Gino.

The short stout man threw her shocked green eyes. “But it’s the song.”

“I don’t care. Remove him or I will do it myself.” She whispered, waving her fingers to remind him of her magical gift. This was her day as well as the magic that would be given. It had kept her from aging and gave her power over her kingdom where magic didn’t exist. Any time wasted meant this special night was drifting away along with what it possessed.

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