Wake up with Jesus on your Mind

sunrise over lake

There are times in our lives when we feel as if life cannot get any better. We go throughout the day praying that nothing would ruin our mood or for miracles to happen. Sometimes we’re on the very edge of just giving up. But thank God for Jesus. We must stay strong in our faith and continue to believe that all things are possible in him. Life can be hard, but do not let it discourage you from your walk down God’s path. Just remember when you have Jesus as a friend, everything will work out just fine at the end. We may not see it, but you must believe because anything is possible for Jesus. It’s okay to cry or worry, just remember to pray while you’re at it. Call on Jesus (Yeshua) and he would comfort you. Jesus said he would never forsake you. Just pour laughter into your soul, smile because you know, you know for sure your answer is on the way. That song comes to mind, “It may not come when you want it, but it’ll be there right on time.” So don’t give up hope. Wake up with Jesus on your mind. He is our strength, our breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and assurance at night.

God Bless you and Amen!



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