if i was a snake, i would’ve bitten her

patiently i wait

humming a gospel tune

in the mood to dance

my feet shuffle there then back

i pace the entrance

three walls and two elevators



my hum turns into a voice

low yet strong and pure

my mind race across the world

my wings taken by the breeze

my inside go warm by his embrace

i chuckle at a joke from last week

i grumble at the homework i must do

my frosted hands adjust the purse

on my shoulder

wearily with me waiting


the world had come to a pause

it always does with me

with one glance at my cell

my thumb takes me on a journey

from social to online medias

waiting and waiting

than as i use the phone again

summoning the doorman

she dashes by

i only stare, eyes wide

mouth agape, shocked

either unaware, unobservant

or careless of my presence

i was a shadow in the middle

of the hall, and she was blind

my head shake, i look to heaven

with a grin across my face

Lord, if i was a snake

i would’ve bitten her

-random poetry



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