Remember Jesus is Your Healer

Yesterday, I suffered a striking stomach ache which surprised me seeing that I have never been sick sick before. Other than occasional headaches or tooth removals at the dentist or casual aches I’ve never had anything such as the common cold or sicknesses. Believe it or not, but God has truly blessed my immune system and I thank Him for it. But yesterday I thought my world was coming to an end. Never had I had an upset stomach and this one came because I ate a pepperoni hot pocket at 1 in the morning when I should’ve been sound asleep. On top of that I ate a banana muffin with nuts. So yeah, I felt miserable.

I thank God that I am a believer because I prayed. Me and my family prayed that this would passover me. Because I am one of those curious types, I looked up the symptoms online and that was a huge mistake. You would not believe how many sickness or diseases form from the symptoms of a simple stabbing stomach ache. So worry swarmed my head seeing there was 1 out of 200 that I probably had. This is when I realized I fell for one of Satan’s tricks. Worrying is a sin. When you worry you’re telling God that you do not trust in Him and you’d rather do research on the world web for answers. So I asked God for forgiveness and knew for sure I would be okay.

If you do not believe in the healing powers of Jesus Christ than open your eyes. Through every sickness, bad or worse, you had managed to beat it. Sicknesses are of Satan and our fleshly bodies are prone to them, but with the blood of Jesus we are delivered. He is our healer. It’s only through him we must keep our faith and trust and know that everything would be alright.

Just like Job who hung in there in his trials we must do the same. We must not give up or loose faith. God has all power and control. And a funny thing to think about, He already knows what’s going to happen to you before it comes. So just imagine yourself the next day happy and living your life to the fullest, thanking Jesus in every step, and you would feel God’s warm smile pouring onto you. Just imagine Him while you’re in your pain, shaking his head, smiling at you saying, “Oh relax, you’re going to be fine.” I love the imagination. It’s good for the soul.

Just Remember Jesus is your healer

P.S. I’m doing just fine!




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