My Design Business and Jesus

I thank God every day for giving me my gifts of creativity. I enjoy writing ranging from poetry to novels though, I’m still working on the novel. Haha. Drawing is also fun for me whenever I get a chance to do so. And recently me and my family have noticed my new gift in technology. Of course, it’s only because these days the world is forcing everyone to know technology more than hand-do things. And my family is still trying to catch up to this fast tech society. But I thank God for my knowledge in technology which I have adjusted to fit my own creativity. Now I enjoy transforming my poetry or words of encouragement into graphic designs than laminating them and placing them in frames. It is so much fun to do. With the grace of Jesus I pray that by the new year of 2015 my new online design store would be up and running. I would be selling poetry in frames, business cards, flyers, and invitations. The business would grow over time I pray, but for now I’ve been setting up my website. Please pray for me and my new path of being an entrepreneur.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done.


-LCH signing off!


Your Thoughts

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