I Love Poptarts in the Morning


Good morning!

For some reason I have come to enjoy pop tarts, toasted or nontoasted. When I was a little girl before the age of 10 pop tarts were the best snack in the world. As middle and high school kicked in I became nauseated with the strawberry filled in tart. As college and working kicked in poptarts became convenient for a quick breakfast meal. Now I love the little double rectangled strawberry filled treat to the point I can’t wait until the come out with a doubled filled pop tart. I’d pop them into a toaster and have a party on those tarts. Haha. So right now while I’m writing and posting this I’m eating one right now.

Have a blessed day and make sure you eat your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day!

-Remember Jesus

-LCH signing out



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