Seek the Kingdom of God

2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark Background

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.- Matt. 6:33, KJV

I thank God for keeping me through 2014. Now I pray and seek for new things in 2015. I want to be closer to God. I want to give my life to Him so He can mold me into one of his precious saints. I want to seek better understanding in His Word. I want to tell people more about the saving grace of Jesus and my testimonies. I pray everyone would have a safe and prosperous year and too seek to be closer to Jesus. He is our comfort and our shield. His mercies endureth forever.

Let Jesus be your first goal in this year. Remember Jesus’ coming is getting closer and closer so beware of the deceptions and temptations of Satan. Keep your trust in God, study the Word of God, and you will see miracles.

Have a happy and blessed new year!

From LeQuita





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