Remember Jesus! Because He Is Coming Back.

sun through clouds

Because whether you know it or not, prepared or not, want it to happen or not, Jesus IS coming back.

And he’s coming with some noise and all of his angels in the sky.

The signs are unfolding. These days are growing wickeder and wickeder, young people have lost it, killing is on the rise, homosexuality and fornication is being praised everywhere you turn, parents not doing their responsibilities, divorce rate increasing, wars across the seas, unusual natural disasters and diseases, and so much sin. Satan is doing his job, but it’s up for the believers in Jesus Christ to keep praying, teaching, trusting, and spreading the Word of God to everyone.

The Truth may hurt, but if you take the time to let God help you understand, the pain will go away and your blind eyes shall see. Go to if you seek answers to your questions.

It’s a spiritual battle going on right now between good and evil. Which side are you on? Answer below.

Supporting Scriptures:
Matthew 24
Luke 21
Matthew 24:36

Philippians 2:9-11
Galatians 5:19-26– Works of Flesh (sin) and Fruit of the Spirit

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God gives man the ability to chose a side.

-Remember Jesus is coming back. Don’t ignore the Word of God. Today is your day to accept Jesus into your life.

LCH God Bless!


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