Yes God is Real!!

That song pours into my heart and soul. Yes God is real, yes God is real, He’s real in my soul/For He has washed and made me whole!/– I thank God for his loving power every day. I know I cannot go anywhere without him. He is my strength when I am weak and my wisdom when I am confused. No one can taint my sweet spirit today. No! Because I had already placed my day in Jesus’ name, in God’s hand. Yes God is real! He lives in me. He lives in you.

So much had happened last week to tear a woman down, but guess what God is real! He has placed his angels around my father to walk away from an accident. He placed his strength in my uncle who was lingering on the last of his life. Now he is moving and talking and looking better each day. I THANK GOD! YES GOD IS REAL! You can’t tell me otherwise. I give him all the praise and the glory!

Do you believe God is real? Do you believe God is real? Can you feel him in your soul? No one can give us better peace than our Lord Jesus Christ!

Yes, I am praising Him today! His mercies endureth forever! Please remember with Jesus we can do all things! We cannot lose our trust and faith in him. Do you believe God is real?



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