Take Jesus Seriously!

Take Jesus seriously! Your life and your death is nothing to joke about or to be careless about. Whether you take Jesus seriously or not, you cannot stop or ignore the fact that Jesus is real and that he is coming back. Today people feel comfortable in where their lives are right now and do not wish to give their entirety to God, but time is winding down. Chose you this day on whom you’ll serve: Jesus or Satan?

There is a great difference between saying,

“Yes I know who Jesus is.”- Nonchalant.


“Yes I know who Jesus is.”- Believer and Follower of Jesus.

But do you REALLY know who Jesus is? Do you really know what the Bible tell us concerning our lifestyle, our choices, our behaviors, our death? Do you really know that there is an eternal life with God in the New Jerusalem? Do you know that Satan deceives people by just the littlest things that seem so innocent? Do you really know the Word of God?

Take Jesus seriously. Watch on the news how this world is growing wickeder and wickeder every hour of the day. This world cannot last long in this evil. God is giving Satan a limited time to make everyone suffer in some way. God allows Satan to do what he does so our eyes can be opened and then we can chose which side we want to be on: Jesus or Satan?

At the end, during and after Jesus’ return, everyone must face their judgement. No one can escape it, not even Satan. The Judgement is only given to the power and glory of God, not man. So the only thing man can give today is this, “Choose you this day on whom you’ll serve.”

Take Jesus seriously. Laughing at the people of God or ignoring God’s calling will only set you further astray.

God is calling YOU! “Come out of her my people!”

-Written LeQuita C. Harrison.


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