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 Not too many humans know about the Legacy and the four orders within. No human knew that a bloodsucking Vice hiding in their mountains had a plan to conquer Colvert and possibly the world. No human had ever looked deep into the eyes of the silent unnaturals that walked and lived amongst them. But that day would come. War would be amidst and only one person can save the day and rebuild the weakening barrier.

Alia Mason is eighteen with her mind set on becoming a journalist. Her plans to attend University of Maryland, College Park’s journalism program was abruptly placed on hold when her mother receives an urgent phone call. Filled with a charitable and understanding heart, she packs and leaves for Colvert, a small town in the wooded mountains of Maine. She thought her life would continue on in its smooth transition until she is reunited with a long lost grandfather. Immediately, she feels that the town and its people are not who they seem and later discovers the truth.

The humans are not alone in this world. Living in the silence of their peaceful barriers, the unnaturals unveil themselves to Alia. There are the Vices, bloodsucking immortals, Weres that transforms into mighty wolves, and Soothers graced with special mystical gifts. Alia is forced to accept the impossible as well as her new role as their Guardian Angel, but danger still grows. If one is not aware they could easily be swept into the darkness of the rebel Daemons or loose their life.

The souls of the world are placed on one angel who is the mystery in the eyes of the silent.

Cover design by LeQuita C. Harrison



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