The Crushing Game

Crushing on someone is a worthless game

Of playing yourself

No true victories. Just boredom

Your imagination goes wild

Your heartbeat races as you’re close to winning

But technically, in reality, nothing had happened

You’re still at Start

Still blocking pawns, yes of different shades

But they’re your pawns, no one else’s

So eventually you realize you’re blocking yourself

Those pawns of your fears and doubt- nervousness

Laughing at you in your single state of mind

You need another to tangle

So break out of jail and steal what’s yours.

If not then you will still play all alone.

And when one of your sides win

You cheer, you smile, you get bubbly inside

Then someone comes and gives you that look

That narrow, eyes in the corners look

And the warmth in your belly turns south

Reality comes and slaps you in the face

You’re still at start, honey

And your wanted love is still spaces away.

-Written by LeQuita C. Harrison


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