My Tiger Drawing!!!

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Ever since I can remember drawing was the air I breathed. Still today I enjoy the creativity my imagination can create. And when it comes to challenging myself, I am for it 100 percent. So last week I started to sketch a tiger. Now a tiger is one of my favorite animals- yeah I love wildcats! And I had sat on my bed, sighing from a long day of working behind a computer, and picked up my sketch book. Pulling out a sharpened pen and my handy-dandy eraser pen, my hand started to draw. Oh and by the way my entire room is almost infested with wildcats, so naturally- “finally” my sister had said- I started to draw a tiger’s face. It felt so good because I wasn’t thinking, I wasn’t planning, I just drew. And those moments, I love the most because my best work comes from being random.

From time to time I’ve been trying to draw a lioness or tigeress face and failed miserably, but this random moment…I did it. So recently, I’ve been checking out other artists and their work and have come to fall in love with coloring. There is nothing better than see a beautiful drawing- colored with shadows and depth. You probably guessed what happened next. Yeah, I love coloring my sketches now. Before I used to destroy my work by doing so, but after studying what and how other artists do it, I think I’m getting better. So this tiger drawing you see will, hopefully, by the end of this week, be fully colored. YAY!

I am proud to say that at 12:00 AM sharp I added the last touches to my tiger drawing. Wow I am totally in shock from what I have created. This would be my first completed tiger drawing. I love tigers by the way- matter of fact- all wildcats. So maybe I might do a lion or a jaguar in the next round. I don’t know. I love challenges so do not be surprised to see another one of my artworks posted on my blog. Sometimes I do not like posting my artwork online because of people who love to steal them, but I will make a few exceptions. I am so happy that I finished (Colored Tiger on the Right).

If you want to buy a copy of the finished tiger just contact me. I can laminate it and frame it for you for a good price. =)

-From LeQuita C. Harrison- Good Night!!


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