Be Happy Today- You Woke Up This Morning!!!

Many people take for granted their ability to close their eyes at night and open them in the morning. People call it science or humanistic evolution, but I call it Jesus Christ. It is God who gives us his everlasting mercies to see a new day. It’s also his mercies that keeps us through the night. Hundreds of things take place at night while we are temporarily unconscious, which we have no control over at times.

That is why I give God all thanks and praise when I wake up, especially when I see my family too. Every day there are people who do not wake up either for health reasons or age or tragedies. Never take your abilities for granted. Smile throughout the day and be happy for your new mercies and blessings from God.

What do you think about our sleeping abilities and mercies? Have you ever thought of it this way before that God is the one in control of our lives? 

Whatever your answer may be remember Jesus has shed his blood, died and resurrected, and ascended onto a great throne to be our mediators. God has done and shown us so many times how much he loves us. Even sleeping and waking up are major expressions of God’s undying love.

-God Bless and remember Jesus woke you up this morning 🙂


Smile gif


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