Walking Bones

How can people do that?
How can they walk right pass you
And don’t speak?
Even when I say hello, how’re you doing?
They just look at me
Am I a ghost or in some form of
I know I may not mean nothing to you
But if I
A simple girl
Have the proper decency to
Give you notice,
To give you some form of existence
Then why can’t you
Show some in return?
What have I done to you?
I wake up in the morning-
-Thank you Jesus-
And start my day with a smile
Across my face
New hopes and mercies I gain
I lift my chin high
Because I am somebody
I don’t know about you…
While breath still enters and exits my body
While blood still runs through my veins
Yes, I am real. I am a person.
Feel my skin, poke me for all I care
I am a living soul
Wipe the veil growing over your eyes
I know I have God on my side
And I don’t need no better friend
But wow.
Can people be so distant from their brains
That they end up loosing themselves
And looking like fools
And don’t even know it?
What a shame. I shake my head
And go on with my day
At least I know who I am
I don’t need your confirmation
Because when you decided not to
Say anything back and kept moving on
You just proved
That you are nothing but walking bones

-February 2016 by LeQuita C. Harrison


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