The Angel Sculpture

Sometimes there are times in your life when you’re at a major standstill. When it feels like everyone’s twenty steps ahead of you and you’re just stuck in the mud. That’s how I feel sometimes, especially when I think too hard on the future. Would I be a famous writer or artist or have a decent career and it crowds my head to the point I feel I should just give up. But I know with God I can do all things.

I remember having one of those days when I wanted to enter one of my writings in a short story contest, but first I had to write a short story. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the deadline. I was so mad until my mom came to me with a gift which couldn’t have come at a better time. I pulled the gift from the bag and for a minute was completely confused.

It was a sculpture of an angel, a black woman with wings as white as snow spread out behind her. In one hand she held a bowl filled to the rim with crystal stars and with the other she was sprinkling the stars below.

My mother told me right then and there that the sculpture reminded her of me and she had to buy it. Her spread out wings was my humble spirit, always kind to everyone no matter who they were because we all are different in our own way. Like an angel, I am filled with respect, dignity, strength, and determination as well as the love of Jesus. I always put my family first because no matter what I do or what I accomplish they would always be my first supporters. My mom continued her comparison saying the bowl in the angel’s hand filled to the rim were all of my blessings that I have, but cannot see. This only told me one thing, I must not get mad when I don’t finish a piece of work or miss a deadline because eventually I would finish and possibly win a different one. She then explained how the angel pouring her crystals below was me pouring my support and prayers upon everyone because I love to see people who have reached their goal because one day I’m hoping I would do the same.

This angel sculpture keeps me in check, reminding me that my journey is not over yet. I will enjoy my life to the fullest and take a step at a time and climb every mountain until I have reached my goal. This sculpture will never leave my desk.

written by LeQuita C. Harrison, 9/3/2014


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