First Book Finished! Called Divine Awakening

I am proud to say that I have finally finished writing a young adult fiction book called Divine Awakening

It is a story about a teen girl name Christina Ammeen who enters a new year and another birthday with a shocking reveal. That reveal surrounds a divine position and a mystical realm which she is the main focal point. Questions are answered or left unanswered as she tries to survive at a prestigious boarding school where her enemies are close at hand. 

For about two years now, I’ve been working on and off with this story and it’s plot. Through countless drafts, tears of sorrow, doubt, and joy,  I was able to pour out my creativity until I found a story-line that satisfied me. To the honest truth, writing a book is hard, but once you make it through the ups and downs and finish, it’s a glorious feeling. 

I feel victorious right now! 

If you would like to read Divine Awakening, the unedited version is posted on Wattpad. For now, I will be working on the sequel and other ideas that has accumulated over time. I thank God for giving me strength and awesome supporters as I wrote this book. I will be seeking means of publishing, but right now I will just live in the moment.


Here is the book cover and the summary. 

The only realm sixteen-year-old Christina Ammeen knows about is Earth, but when her mom commits a strange act, her world grows another realm bigger.

To make matters worse, a hot energy stirs awake within her body and fiery visions claim her at random. And with a quirky CIA agency determined to keep her in the dark, leaves her vulnerable to the fact that someone wants her dead.

Forced to attend a prestigious boarding school where her enemies are close at hand, she must endure heart wrenching situations in order to seek the truth about her mysterious pendant and a divine position with connections to a mystical realm called Valeera.


Read Chapter 1    Read Unedited Version on Wattpad


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