Hello, I’m LeQuita

First, I want to thank you for checking out my website!

So a bit about myself…

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland in a very loving and spiritual family, I grew up with an inquisitive mind and a passion to write. Whether it is creative, professional, or inspirational writing, I enjoy how the power of words can shape minds and perspectives to evoke change. Because of my strong faith and devotion to Jesus Christ, I enjoy diving into the Word of God and Biblical History in hopes of encouraging people to never give up and to be saved in Jesus Christ. I received my BA degree in English and presently pursuing my MFA degree at University of Baltimore. On the side of writing, I am a freelance editor, graphic designer, and web publisher. I am a busy woman, but I can be lured away with the promise of pancakes and binge watching TV Shows.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please check out my graphic design website: www.ItsDesignify.com where I can design, print, and mail invitations, programs, business cards, and flyers to you. 


Below is a resume of my work ranging from published works, editorial support, web publishing, and graphic design services. 


  • My Books are also found on Wattpad for you to read the unedited versions for free. 

Published Writings

Editorial Support

(This profession involves providing proofreading assistance searching for grammar, punctuation, syntax, consistency, redundancy, format, and layout errors as well as fact-checking, link-checking, and research.)


Autumn Harrison. “Mode of Delivery: Effects on Infants’ Microbiome Communities.” McDaniel College Capstone. 2017. (Marked Copy)

Path of Righteousness Church in Christ

Office of Institutional Equity 

  • Investigative reports for various cases dealing with sexual misconduct, harassment, and discrimination in both workforce and campus. http://oie.jhu.edu/

Johns Hopkins University Press

Hippotee-Tots Family Daycare

Web Publishing and Editorial

(This profession involves web designing on WordPress.com and providing, writing, and editing content from lessons, web pages, videos, and audios to social media.)

Web Publisher Portfolio for Non-Profit Organization. Find on:


Graphic Design Work