Samelia Chronicles: Divine Royal Power

16-year-old Amelia Ammeen is an orphan. Simple as that. Nothing great or interesting about it. She’s bounced from home to home and along the way she’s searching for her mother who seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet. Only struggle and hardship wait in Amelia’s future, until the eve of her birthday, she receives a gift from someone unexpected. Immediately her world shifts beneath her feet and a fiery energy awakes within her body.

She is soon introduced to a secret reality involving the CIA and a mystical realm called Valeera. She is sent to a prestigious boarding school against her will and comes to the knowledge that someone wants her dead. That very someone may be closer than she thinks as she strives to seek the truth about her magical pendant and a divine position and keep those she cares for safe. But proof is hard to come by and who could she really trust?

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