The Fairest

A bloody war for a magical gemstone forced the gods of the Ardanian Realm to take away magic for a time. During this time, the last remaining kingdom took heed to this prophesy and set forth a law that will divide the people into two groups. The fairest and the strangest. One group possesses a promise from the gods while the other is doomed for eternity. Well, that’s what the people believed…

18-year-old Mageia Theon is an orphan and the leader of a group of defected youths living on the outskirts of Fair Kingdom. Growing up into a skilled thief and sword fighter, she makes it her duty to take care of her family, no matter the cost. But when an act of heroism goes wrong, she is next for the executioner’s sword.

18-year-old Grisonce Arlon is not the most respected prince in the realm. But when his obsession with the Fairest Prophesy intervenes with the case of the one called the Purple Thief, he turns into the royal joke. The odds are against him and Mageia with no joy in sight. Their world may be divided by the fairest and the strangest in the realm, but all would soon discover, that Mageia is neither one. She is both.

Unedited Version Available