How it Feels to be the First to Go to College

There’s this pressure that weighs on my shoulders every time a family event comes up. It’s hard to read how I feel; excited, anxious, or nervous… annoyed maybe. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of being the first young person in my generation in the family to attend college. Let’s just say, I was completely shocked when once told everyone gasped and grew extremely excited. It was as if I’d been nominated on the Oscars or something. The spotlight made me smile so hard my cheeks began to burn and my thoughts began to jumble all over the place. Eventually, I’d overcome the wave of emotions and find myself explaining the college life, my specific goals in the major I’ve chosen, as well as my future plans. When I’m alone away from the flood of questions and the reminder of how I need to stay focused and make the family proud, something scary happens. Doubt crawls into my veins to plague my entire body until my soul is consumed and I’m left in the dark wondering how I failed. But I’m young, still full of life and mystery, still holding a basket full of blessings that I cannot see right now. Though my family’s encouragements and reminders are good natured, it worries me at times making me think I will not succeed. As long as I have breath in my body I will make everyone proud. I will be a leader.

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My Home Away from Home

A Memoir by LeQuita C. Harrison, written 9/20/2014

Comfort is serenity and safety which creates memories. I wouldn’t exclude my own home from this comfort because that is my foundation. It is the place I would run to if something bad would happened, but right now let me lure you towards another place of comfort. Grandma’s house is where my life truly began outside of my mother’s womb. Where I was drowned with precious smiles and hugs of love from those I am proud to call my family. My constant cries, smelly diapers, burps, and the first time I let go of the sofa to wobble across the living room carpet are far to reach for my mind. But for my family it’d seemed like yesterday I was being held in their arms, being smacked with kisses. How I would love to go back in time to watch little me enjoy a carefree life. Sitting on my grandmother’s cushioned white sofa with all eyes glancing at me to make sure my cheesy fingers didn’t ruin it. The white sofa should’ve been covered in plastic, but it’d probably ruin the moments shared in those days of 1995.

It was in this home when my grandmother welcomed my parents, Carlo and Gina to live with her until they found a home of their own. Grandma was always sweet like that. She would do anything for anyone if she had the strength to do it and would not complain. That is what I call that old time spirit when generosity and family always came first. To add the icing on the cake, grandma also has a twin sister who is exactly the same way with her house, so I know this has to be the only way, the truest way of keeping a family closely knitted. So as expected, Grandma Ernestine squeezed everyone into that brick town house with only three bedrooms and one bathroom. With great planning and gospel music bouncing off every wall, the little house accommodated her, my parents, my aunt, and I. I thank God my family got along or that house would not be standing today.

I remember as a toddler, I would sit on the sofa in my onesies pajamas or conquer someone’s bed to watch The Lion King over and over again until I fell asleep. Laughing and singing along to the music to the point where I’d know the songs and the lines by heart. And always on the side of me was a cup of apple juice the medicine to my anxiety or curiosity at that age because I know I was a talker, a wanderer. Where there’s good memories there are always bad ones too. I fell down the stairs once, long ago in grandma’s house. Something traumatic enough for someone to stay away from that house, but miraculously I didn’t break a single bone. Only the great God in Heaven received my thanks for saving my life for I would not be as healthy and alive as I am today without Him. Now when I walk down the steps I have a knack of holding on to the railing. When my family finally moved into our own house I still couldn’t stay away from grandmother’s house. It was my second home during a year in middle school when I needed to use her zip code to go to this school we thought was good until I found myself in the center of wildcats. I was on the verge of explosion when the results led to me transferring and returning home.

It’s not hard to find this house which is the best part of it. Built with dark red bricks and a rough green roof, it sits as the corner house on the row of homes with a silver fence and chopped grass; thanks to my dad who always goes there to keep the front from turning into a jungle. As you approach the porch you are immediately greeted by an abundance of flowers- fake or real- it doesn’t matter. And because grandma’s house is on the corner she’d have the perfect vantage point to the streets ahead. So the door would already be unlocked and she’d be back in the kitchen cooking. Cabbage, the ever present seasoned smell of Grandma fixing her favorite vegetable would ignite the house. The funniest part about it was that I grew to enjoy it except when she added turkey necks. I just can’t see how people can eat the neck of the turkey, but I do know one thing. I love to stare at grandma and every one eat them, smacking their lips and biting off meat that I would have overlooked.

Time has flown by to the point where I have moments of standing in the house to regain my bearings. You’d think the house would’ve been long sold to some family who’d go in and change the grape carpets and splash foul colors onto the smooth white walls. After months of trying to sell the house to no prevail, God thank you, the house still belongs to grandma. Twenty-three years grandma with the occupancy of my Aunt Tylvia had kept the house from crackling. Though, much of its interior had changed, the furnishing as well as a flat screen that kicked the floor model out the door, the house still possesses its comfort.

Now as I walk into the little house, everything felt to have shrunk. The huge living room only takes me five steps to enter the dining room. And the kitchen I once helped make grandma’s secret recipe of corn pudding can only take two people at a time. Once upon a time there was freedom to roam now it’s been replaced with chores and responsibilities. Though, this would send any young person running, it still kept me close. Of all the things my grandmother had done for me and my family, there will never be a day to fully pay her back. I may have outgrown the house, but my heart has not just yet.

You would think with so many people who come to visit every day, we’d be an inconvenience, but no, everyone is still embraced with the same love and joy. The greatest characteristics of grandma I try to imitate every day. At times I’d hear her singing gospel hymns to herself and I know she’s having a great day especially when her voice elevates and unknown notes and pitches are created. With her Cherokee red cheeks she’d cast you a smile you cannot ignore or refrain from giving back. Her heart lives in her house, filled with an abundance of respect. Honor is due to Grandma Ernestine for keeping her sweet spirit and passing encouragement onto others.

To this day, my comfort place is grandma’s house. When time gets rough and I need to settle down in a peaceful environment, or when a birthday must be celebrated, or the family needs to be reunited for dinner, it’s here I would visit. So warm, free, welcoming, peaceful, and filled with love, this is my home away from home.

The Angel Sculpture

Sometimes there are times in your life when you’re at a major standstill. When it feels like everyone’s twenty steps ahead of you and you’re just stuck in the mud. That’s how I feel sometimes, especially when I think too hard on the future. Would I be a famous writer or artist or have a decent career and it crowds my head to the point I feel I should just give up. But I know with God I can do all things.

I remember having one of those days when I wanted to enter one of my writings in a short story contest, but first I had to write a short story. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the deadline. I was so mad until my mom came to me with a gift which couldn’t have come at a better time. I pulled the gift from the bag and for a minute was completely confused.

It was a sculpture of an angel, a black woman with wings as white as snow spread out behind her. In one hand she held a bowl filled to the rim with crystal stars and with the other she was sprinkling the stars below.

My mother told me right then and there that the sculpture reminded her of me and she had to buy it. Her spread out wings was my humble spirit, always kind to everyone no matter who they were because we all are different in our own way. Like an angel, I am filled with respect, dignity, strength, and determination as well as the love of Jesus. I always put my family first because no matter what I do or what I accomplish they would always be my first supporters. My mom continued her comparison saying the bowl in the angel’s hand filled to the rim were all of my blessings that I have, but cannot see. This only told me one thing, I must not get mad when I don’t finish a piece of work or miss a deadline because eventually I would finish and possibly win a different one. She then explained how the angel pouring her crystals below was me pouring my support and prayers upon everyone because I love to see people who have reached their goal because one day I’m hoping I would do the same.

This angel sculpture keeps me in check, reminding me that my journey is not over yet. I will enjoy my life to the fullest and take a step at a time and climb every mountain until I have reached my goal. This sculpture will never leave my desk.

written by LeQuita C. Harrison, 9/3/2014

Points for Interviews

Pointers for Succeeding in a Job Interview
(wrote this for my CCBC Essex newspaper)

Many students graduate high school and attend college with no job experience. Although, it may seem like most young people get a job before graduating high school there are many who do not. When applying for a job one must feel both mentally and physically ready for a new world of independency. The most important part in getting a job is knowing where you want that specific job to take you in your life. A person must make sure they would feel comfortable and could profit from out of it.

After making it through the first stage in applying for the job which is the application process the person will head towards the second stage. Once finding out the news of being chosen for the position you applied for there are some main pointers one must follow in order to have a successful interview. For those out there on their way of becoming employed, there are five main pointers in successfully making through the interview process.

1. Knowing where you applied for.

Depending on where you wish to work it is very important to know as much as you can about the employer and the position. Although, the boss may be looking for how you will benefit their company, at the same time you should see how the company would benefit you. Whether the job will lead you to your desire career choice or whether it would enhance your skills, knowing about where you are going would help you with your future planning. Also during the interview, asking questions to the interviewer would show how much you really want the position and can identify how much you know about them.

2. Dress Attire

Some people would say that it does not matter how you dress when going to an interview. They say it’s about how well you represent yourself during the interview. But how you dress is an important way in representing yourself. First impressions are always the most memorable. People see what they want to see. If a person comes to an interview dressed in jeans and a t-shirt but the interview was excellent, the interviewer may still see that person undependable. One must look like a professional and a hard worker. Men should dress in a nice suite or dress pants with his shirt tucked in. Women should wear appropriate attires not exposing too much skin or something too fitting. Also when one enters a job interview dressed in their finest they are more likely to feel comfortable and focus more on what the interview would be about rather than how they look.

3. Attitude and Manners

It does not matter what type of job one applies for, it is always good to enter with a positive attitude. Never go feeling doubtful or overly nervous because if you feel it then the interviewer will surely feel it too. These days the word ‘respect’ is beginning to lose both its value and meaning. But when it comes to interviews it is most important. The setting will be professional and sometimes challenging and in order to lighten the tense mood, the interviewee should smile and be welcoming. Even if the interviewer seems like a hard and serious person one should not fall into intimidation but rather feed off of it. They may be testing you to see how good you do under pressure. Never go into an interview scared but rather confident and show the interviewer you want this job and that they need you.

4. Tardiness

A mentor I once knew who was in charge of a group called Bowdoin Bound who took students on college road trips every summer use to say, “When you are early, you are on time. And when you’re on time, you are late. And when you’re late, you are forgotten.” This is very true when it comes to the real world. If you have an appointment with an employer it shows both respect and that you want the job by being on time. Sometimes things do happen but even so you should immediately call. Tardiness shows a lot about a person whether it’s their character or not. It is also one of the first impression moves for interviewers to see how dependable you are. No one wants a slacker in their business.

5. Be Yourself

For the beginners out there, it is not a good thing to go to an interview and act like a totally different person. Not saying you should go in cursing or being disrespectful but be the person who will guide them into your world. It is good for one to relax and answer questions truthfully or in a way that will make the interviewer see you as a good person to be around. Including your educational background and experiences and etcetera openly tell the person who you are and what you’ve done in your life to not only benefit yourself but others around you. People love to see young people involved in their communities or joining clubs and doing things. And when they hear what you’ve done that will be another point on your acceptance.

Interviews are a vital part in becoming a part of a company or employer. It may feel and seem hard to do but if you are very prepared and follow these five points you would do just fine. This not only goes for beginners who have never worked before but also for hard workers now. It is never too late to brush up on interview points and to look up online if anything changed about preparing for interviews. When it comes down to it, just be yourself and relax. Think through the questions before answering and look confident and you shouldn’t have any problems.

LeQuita C. Harrison. 04/09/2013. CCBC Connection                       

Walking Bones

How can people do that?
How can they walk right pass you
And don’t speak?
Even when I say hello, how’re you doing?
They just look at me
Am I a ghost or in some form of
I know I may not mean nothing to you
But if I
A simple girl
Have the proper decency to
Give you notice,
To give you some form of existence
Then why can’t you
Show some in return?
What have I done to you?
I wake up in the morning-
-Thank you Jesus-
And start my day with a smile
Across my face
New hopes and mercies I gain
I lift my chin high
Because I am somebody
I don’t know about you…
While breath still enters and exits my body
While blood still runs through my veins
Yes, I am real. I am a person.
Feel my skin, poke me for all I care
I am a living soul
Wipe the veil growing over your eyes
I know I have God on my side
And I don’t need no better friend
But wow.
Can people be so distant from their brains
That they end up loosing themselves
And looking like fools
And don’t even know it?
What a shame. I shake my head
And go on with my day
At least I know who I am
I don’t need your confirmation
Because when you decided not to
Say anything back and kept moving on
You just proved
That you are nothing but walking bones

-February 2016 by LeQuita C. Harrison

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Be Happy Today- You Woke Up This Morning!!!

Many people take for granted their ability to close their eyes at night and open them in the morning. People call it science or humanistic evolution, but I call it Jesus Christ. It is God who gives us his everlasting mercies to see a new day. It’s also his mercies that keeps us through the night. Hundreds of things take place at night while we are temporarily unconscious, which we have no control over at times.

That is why I give God all thanks and praise when I wake up, especially when I see my family too. Every day there are people who do not wake up either for health reasons or age or tragedies. Never take your abilities for granted. Smile throughout the day and be happy for your new mercies and blessings from God.

What do you think about our sleeping abilities and mercies? Have you ever thought of it this way before that God is the one in control of our lives? 

Whatever your answer may be remember Jesus has shed his blood, died and resurrected, and ascended onto a great throne to be our mediators. God has done and shown us so many times how much he loves us. Even sleeping and waking up are major expressions of God’s undying love.

-God Bless and remember Jesus woke you up this morning 🙂


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Harper Lee author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” has died at 89


Link to : “Harper Lee dead at age of 89: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird Author’ passes away” article –

The world of writers will mourn this day (2/19/2016)  and remember one of America’s great writers.

I loved this book and still have it on my shelf. I pray her family will find strength in God during their time of bereavement.

“When a writer writes, the world grows a little bit more,” -LCH

Be Strong and of Good Courage!

Be strong and of good courage

With Jesus on your side you can do anything. Don’t let your enemies take your power and your strength. We are victorious in God! God already has the victory! Thank you Jesus! 

-Remember Jesus and be saved! 

I Can’t Say it Enough

I can’t say it enough

I can’t even express it enough

I can’t even elevate my voice enough

To shout how thankful I am 

To have a loving and merciful God

On my side. 

I can feel your spirit running

Through my veins

It’s exhilarating,

It’s powerful,

Maybe take a run up

and down the streets

Because you’ve been

so good to me.

So here I am, a lonely soul

Telling you with all 

of my heart, so bold

Thank you, God

For giving me your 

precious Son. 

-poem day, LeQuita C. Harrison

Do not Give Up!

images-1There are times in our lives when we feel as if we are not getting anywhere. Life seems to weigh heavily on our shoulders. They begin to droop and your eyes sulk with hopelessness. Things just seem to not go the way you want them to go. It’s like a helium balloon released into the air. No matter how many times you try to direct it to the north, the wind would just blow it south, east, west, or straight up into space.

When we feel this way in a stage of our life. Remember Jesus. Trust in him and know that everything will be alright. God is in control of everything. We don’t know what He has in store for us, but it is our responsibility to stay rooted in Him. To keep the faith. It may look as though sinners of the world are getting ahead, but in reality, from God’s perspective they are only straying into nothingness.

Never give up, especially on God. His everlasting mercy keeps us alive throughout the day. He is our friend that never leaves our side. He will never hurt us nor forsake us. We must continue to believe that or we will fall prone to falling away. God is not done with you yet. It is positive to think that things happen for a reason. We do not know the end of our journey, but we still must not give up. We mustn’t, no matter what. Jesus is our only victor in these needed times.

Never forget to trust in God. Pray all the time. Keep your faith. Do not give up because your reward is waiting for you to finish climbing that mountain.

Remember Jesus and Do Not Give Up!!!


My 22nd Birthday- “Trust in the Lord”

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Two days ago on September 23, 2015, I turned 22 years old. I must admit the honest truth. God has truly been blessing me. I’ve had my days of ups and downs, but I thank God for Jesus. With him by my side, I feel royal, powerful, and extremely wise. I can say this because my entire life is in God’s hand. That is why I trust in the Lord ALL the time. When I awake in the morning to go to work or school, I give God all the praise. If it wasn’t for God in my life, I’d be lost in this wicked world. I would be partying every night, drinking, and doing who-knows-what just to feel like I’m somebody. But I already know that I am somebody. Actually, I was born and raised in Christ so I am very sure that I am somebody. I have a purpose and that is to follow my dreams, make a difference in this world and those around me, and spread the Word of God.

I thank God for my number 1 support team, my family. They have been pushing me onward my entire life. Their encouragement keeps me sane as well as closer with Jesus. I love my family. Not too many people can say that today with their whole hearts. It is sad, but in God, love is victory. On my birthday my favorite scripture popped up at least six times throughout the day. I see it as a sign from God that I am doing the right thing with my life. I may not be a well-rounded social person or look and act like my peers, but I must remember that when you have Jesus you will always be different. God’s spirit dwells in me and I am thankful, grateful for it. Because at the end of this world, I know where I will be. I know my end destination is eternal life. I will keep holding on, because my life is Jesus Christ. So I want to thank him for blessing me with his loving mercy to live through another year.

God Bless and Remember to trust in Jesus- ALL THE TIME!!

Can you HEAR the PROPHETS???


Can you HEAR the PROPHETS?!!!

God is calling out to the WORLD please turn from your evil ways. Cease your sinning, cease your support for the immoral, and cease your support for the evil that has influenced the minds and hearts of man. It is all of the works of Satan.

Can you HEAR the PROPHETS? Come out of her my people- said God. He’s summoning you with open arms of love and joy. Seek the Truth in Jesus Christ and be saved NOW. Time is of the essence. War is brewing. Evil has claimed the laws of the land. Money cannot save you. Your home cannot save you. No one can save you except the name of JESUS CHRIST. In him you will have the victory. You will survive and live again in eternal life. You will defeat the temptations of Satan.

Can you HEAR the PROPHETS? Stand your ground Christians against the same-sex bill and abortion and every law that contradicts the Word of God. Remember there is no fear in Jesus Christ.

I love the Lord. Do you love the Lord? Take heed people of America and of the World. Jesus is coming back whether you want to believe it or not or ignore it. A spiritual battle is going on here and as the Word has claimed throughout, that at the end God ALWAYS have the victory. He already HAS it. So choose ye this day whom you will serve! Jesus or Satan.

Can you HEAR the PROPHETS of God?
-LCH Remember Jesus

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School Has Begun, But Jesus is in Control!


Although, I did receive the nervous jitters anticipating the first day of classes, I still took time to thank God. If it was not for Him, I would not have made it through this summer. He has surely blessed me and my family to enjoy ourselves and find time to relax. I did not want this to end. And I think many would agree with me. But as the saying which sometimes annoys me say, All good things come to an end. Summer came to its end and now school… NOOO. LOL.

But we must all face these days with joy and thankfulness because God has given us another chance to strive and be something in life and possibly make a difference. I pray every day for Jesus to help me accomplish specific tasks of my desire and I am still pressing on. Without him I know I would be still at the very beginning, however, right now I am nearing to an end. As some of you may know I am trying to write and finish a book- hopefully by my birthday September 23. Please keep me in your prayers.

Like my goal right now, this school year or new time of this year try to make goals. Keep Jesus on your side and try your very best to accomplish said goal. Yes, school has begun, but do not let it bother you. Rejoice to God for showering us with his intelligence from above. Because all of the intelligence and knowledge of people were freely given by God himself. He created us to think, to be curious, to love, to enjoy life, and to discover the truth that is in Jesus Christ.

In one previous post I had included that God loves to have fun. And for proof of that, it is in the characteristics of humans. We laugh, we joke, we have fun, we smile. Do remember that Jesus does the same thing. We were created in His image and in His likings. So think about it. See this school year as an open door to unknown possibilities and stay strong. Hold tight on Jesus. Smile and greet your fellow peers with love.

Yes school has begun. Don’t let it control you. You control it, in Jesus Christ. Because in him we have the victory!

God Bless and enjoy your school year!!! =)

-Love LeQuita, Remember Jesus

Woe unto them that call Evil Good, and Good Evil!!!

Bible and Sunlight

Isaiah 5:20, God warns, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

America has been doing many things contrary to the Word of God. They make these things seem good, but really they are nothing but sin.
-Death Penalty
-Divorce/ Adultery
-Influencing drugs/smoking/alcohol
-and many other sins listed Galatians 5
It is easy for Satan to veil his deceptions behind what seems good. But it is the power of God who always unveil them. The truth convicts the soul in hopes of returning said soul back to the Cross. Jesus did not come and die on this Earth to condemn people, but to save. The true followers of Jesus are appointed and anointed to teach and preach the Truth, not to judge or condemn. Warning people about sin and the deceptions of Satan is what Jesus wanted his followers to do in hopes of people accepting Jesus, repenting, and being born again.

“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”- 1 John 4:8

God wants his followers to be and show love to all people. Jesus had showed his love towards anyone who came across him while he preached on Earth. He didn’t turn them away or judge them. No, Jesus pointed out their sin with the Word of God and walked away. The best thing a person can do in these Last Days is to identify sin by the scriptures with love and respect and hopefully it would sink into a person’s mind and change them for the best.
It is not good to be disrespectful. God said, we must be the Light of the World. How can we be the Light of the World if we begin to judge or disrespect people? We followers of Jesus must open our arms to sinners and give them the truth. We must continue to pray to God to open their hearts to see and distinguish between good and evil.
Time is winding down. Whatever happens this September, or if nothing happens this September, we must REMEMBER that God has all control. He can do whatever he wants to do, when he wants to do it, how he wants to do it, and who he wants to do it to. It is He who has all power and hold this Earth in his hand. It is by his grace and mercy that keeps the world rotating. It is not our responsibility to change God’s Law. It is our responsibility to obey God’s Law. Obeying is one form of Love and proving to God that we want to be closer to Him. Anything that separates us from the Love of God we must rebuke, pray to Jesus to help us rid of it, and to fill our hearts with his joy.
America is slowly dethroning itself due to its growing activities in sin. It is obvious to see. The entire world is starting to decline in their morality and beliefs and common sense and wisdom and love. Without these key ingredients in our faith in Jesus Christ, then it makes us vulnerable to the deceptions of Satan. The devil would continue to coat our pupils in darkness so we cannot see the evil that is conquering souls. But in God, our eyes are always open in his precious light. There is no faltering in Jesus Christ, no stumble, or movement. We stand on God’s strong rock foundation and we must try and keep ourselves on it. 
I always end with these questions,
Are you ready for when Jesus returns?
Who will you serve: Jesus or Satan?
I suggest you choose your answers wisely.
-Love you, God Bless
From LCH
-Verse of the Day

Know & ALWAYS Remember

Here is something you should know and always remember…

God is omniscient

God has all power

God has control over everything

God is the Creator of Heaven, Earth, Man, Beast, and Fowl

God can do whatever He wants to do

Whenever He wants to do it

How He wants to do it

And who He wants to do it to

He loves us so much, even in the midst of our sins,

That He gave us His only begotten Son

To shed his blood and die

Only to receive all power to rise himself from the dead

To save every living person on this Earth

By His blood, God’s holy blood

We can repent, be saved, and live again

No fear or wickedness shall strike us down

For in God we have the victory

Because God has the victory

He does not get the victory

God already has the victory

So it’s up to mankind to choose wisely whom they want to serve.

Because Jesus is coming back

He’s coming back for his righteous people

To God be the glory for the great things He has done!

-Written by LeQuita C. Harrison

-Remember Jesus

Do You or Someone You Know Need Prayer?- Fill out this Form

praying hands

Thus saith the Lord the maker thereof, the Lord that formed it, to establish it; the Lord is his name; Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” – Jeremiah 33:2-3 KJV

Do you need prayer? Are you facing a tough time in your life? Do you know someone who is in need of prayer? Have you stumbled upon a mountain? Do you need an increase of faith in Jesus Christ? Do you want yourself and your family to be saved? Whatever you need Jesus said to call on him and he will answer.

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” – James 5:15-16 KJV

~Please fill out the form and your name will be added to our Prayer Circle list. All of your information will be secured. The Path of Righteousness Church in Christ will call out (only your name) before the Throne of God during our Congregational Prayer. We will keep in contact with you because we would love to here how God had blessed you.

♦Fill out the Prayer Circle List Form♦

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My Tiger Drawing!!!

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Ever since I can remember drawing was the air I breathed. Still today I enjoy the creativity my imagination can create. And when it comes to challenging myself, I am for it 100 percent. So last week I started to sketch a tiger. Now a tiger is one of my favorite animals- yeah I love wildcats! And I had sat on my bed, sighing from a long day of working behind a computer, and picked up my sketch book. Pulling out a sharpened pen and my handy-dandy eraser pen, my hand started to draw. Oh and by the way my entire room is almost infested with wildcats, so naturally- “finally” my sister had said- I started to draw a tiger’s face. It felt so good because I wasn’t thinking, I wasn’t planning, I just drew. And those moments, I love the most because my best work comes from being random.

From time to time I’ve been trying to draw a lioness or tigeress face and failed miserably, but this random moment…I did it. So recently, I’ve been checking out other artists and their work and have come to fall in love with coloring. There is nothing better than see a beautiful drawing- colored with shadows and depth. You probably guessed what happened next. Yeah, I love coloring my sketches now. Before I used to destroy my work by doing so, but after studying what and how other artists do it, I think I’m getting better. So this tiger drawing you see will, hopefully, by the end of this week, be fully colored. YAY!

I am proud to say that at 12:00 AM sharp I added the last touches to my tiger drawing. Wow I am totally in shock from what I have created. This would be my first completed tiger drawing. I love tigers by the way- matter of fact- all wildcats. So maybe I might do a lion or a jaguar in the next round. I don’t know. I love challenges so do not be surprised to see another one of my artworks posted on my blog. Sometimes I do not like posting my artwork online because of people who love to steal them, but I will make a few exceptions. I am so happy that I finished (Colored Tiger on the Right).

If you want to buy a copy of the finished tiger just contact me. I can laminate it and frame it for you for a good price. =)

-From LeQuita C. Harrison- Good Night!!

Watch and Pray!


“Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.”- Mark 13:33

“And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” v3

In Matthew 24 Jesus himself warns us about the signs of the Last Days. These things must occur before he descends from heaven with his many angels. So as God has warned us, take heed, watch and pray. Satan is on a rampage throughout the world and he’s building all of his followers up to the point where their hearts will wax cold and they will soon persecute the righteous.

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.” v4

Deception is a trait and device of Satan. He had used it in heaven to fool his following angels to turn against God. That same spirit that he has, he will use on people. And that same spirit abiding in people will spread and be used amongst one another. That is why it is very hard to trust people these days like the government for example. It is this same device that the antichrist will use when he makes his final appearance before mankind.

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” v5

Even Jesus warns us about false prophets and false christs who would rise to power and deceive even the elite. The only way we can identify this other device of Satan, we must seek God’s Holy Spirit, his Wisdom, his knowledge, and his strength to fight against temptations. This world is growing wickeder, but God still gets the victory at the end.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” v6

Today we are already hearing a lot about Isis and these nations with weapons of mass destruction. Jesus prophesied of these things occurring.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” v7

Throughout history nations have been stepping on each other’s toes. And famines and diseases such as the Ebola has risen scares across the world. Natural disasters too were prophesied and have been occuring in the strangest places. In 2011 an earthquake went through the East Coast from Virginia. I live in Baltimore, Maryland where I witnessed it first hand in my house. That was the first time ever Baltimore had an earthquake. Things are happening people, but they all are a wake up call, “Return to Jesus” don’t turn your back on him.

“All these are the beginning of sorrows.” v8

Just to think what’s happening now is the beginning of sorrows. So Jesus was warning us that this is only going to get worst. The only way we can be safe is in the name of Jesus Christ. It is okay to prepare for what’s to come, but there’s no better preparation than being in Jesus, studying the Word of God, Following Jesus and his examples, and spreading the gospel. The only way people will learn or know what is happening and that there’s a spiritual battle going on, is to tell people. There is no fear in Jesus Christ. There is no intimidation. So do not let this world back you in a corner because when it comes to God he has all power and will always make a way for his Word to spread.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” v9

Recently, they had passed the same-sex bill which contrasts with the Word of God and his ownership of our creation. From the stories I’ve heard of businesses and churches being sued for not accommodating homosexuals, it is clear to see that the First Amendment rights have been compromised (which was something the government has been trying to avoid but failed). This is one way the government and the people will try and afflict the righteous by trying to force our hand. But there is no fear in Jesus Christ. No matter what, we must continue to follow Jesus and obey God’s laws because the Word says, the righteous will never be forsaken. Satan will try and turn people against the followers of Christ in different ways, the laws being one of those. But in God, we still get the victory!

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” v10

Jesus prophesied, that during these Last Days, because of our rooting in Jesus Christ, even our families and friends will turn us in. Hatred will spread like disease, infesting in people’s hearts until there is no room for love or mercy. But God. We still get the victory. In our persecutions, we will rise holy and walk with Jesus.

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” v11

We must watch and pray so we can be able to discern between the true and false prophets.

True Prophet must:

-Acknowledge Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and preach only from the Word of God

-Acknowledge all Ten Commandments even the Sabbath Day (Seventh/Saturday)

-Have the Fruit of the Spirit

-Relate all of their prophecies back to Jesus Christ and God

-Preach that Jesus will return from descending from heaven.

-And importantly, all of their prophesies must come TRUE.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” v12

Love has waxed cold today. Love brings mercy which many people lack today. Instead, of seeking help in Jesus, people result in committing suicide, murder, kidnapping, etc. People today hate and condemn murder, but accept the Death Penalty. Many decisions made today lack love which brings contradictions in a person’s life. If you do not accept God then you are denying love because God is Love. As these Last Days unravel, Satan will attack love because love makes people think and hesitate. The power of love is strong. It plays a huge role in our decision making and problem solving. So that is the number 1 thing Satan will and has been attacking.

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” v13

But God has the victory. It is not God gets the victory because he already has it. At the end of these trials, God promised those who stay focused and rooted in Jesus will have eternal life. Pray all the time and get closer to God because this world cannot last any longer. Time is winding down and it is up to the righteous to teach, to preach, and to warn people to get right with God.

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” v14

AMEN! The world will know Jesus in some form or manner. With the aid of technology, preachers, and teachers the Word of God will be given across the world. If you are reading this now, then it is another opportunity for you to be saved in Jesus Christ. God has given everyone two choices: Jesus or Satan. Choose ye this day who you will serve. Choose wisely.

Luke 21:36

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

-Written by LCH

God Bless!