Professionally Made

Professionally Made

This is who I am
I don’t need no haters
I was born with a talent
No one has the right to take it
I can do whatever I want
Put on paper all my thoughts
Let my hands do all the working
Let you watch it
Let you twerk it
God has blessed me
With this gift
I didn’t learn it
It wasn’t given
I was made
Professionally Made

-LeQuita C. Harrison



They couldn’t even wait until four o’clock came
They couldn’t take that one minute to sit and relax
They may as well hadn’t told me
They shouldn’t even had said they were coming.
I sit in here in the cold and wait to leave
And they gona trick me with that nonsense.
Now I got to take the bus
The filthy bus with all them boogers.
Now I am mad and in a rage
They did it, they did it.
They shouldn’t have told me they were coming
I would have been fine not knowing.
Couldn’t even wait until I was due to leave
Okay whatever time is here
They could have been outside there.
Siting there
Now I am mad. Angry. A little chilly.
Bye now i must go and catch the bus.

By LeQuita C. Harrison                       Back to Passion of Poetry

My Novels in Progress….

Like I said in my last blog. Writing a novel is not easy. You got to put together the details, the characters, the conflicts, the descriptions, the settings, and of course more but the hugest and the most important thing is the ORDER. Right now I am in the progress of writing at least five books. The two I am working on the most, (going back and forth) is one called A Child of God and the other The Gifted Awakens (still undecided about title). The other three I will not name because I am slowly going back to them when ideas strike or I get that urge to reread it. Now the basics of writing a book are the many editions. You must and I repeat, must rewrite your book many of times or at least the chapters many of times so you can embed it into your mind as well as create new ideas or tweet it up a bit, etc. The worse part about writing a book are the writerblocks. I despise writerblocks with a passion. If that happens to me than before I know it I am writing a whole different book and the one I started is being left behind. And also when that happens I begin to make up ridiculous stuff and my imagination starts going farrrrrrr ahead into the book in progress. So yes, it is dangerous, writing a book. But if you love climbing those mountains of writing a book then it is for you. Not everyone can write a book, but everyone can write a story, at least. Everyone has an imagination and hopefully a good mindset, so you should be able to jot down a couple paragraphs about something. That is why I enjoy writing essays for school. Yea, I’m a nerd, but I am a writer and wish to become a better writer. Hopefully a professional where my stuff will be written everywhere. I pray. =) So it’s all about opening your mind and being free.

So please pray for me while I am writing these books. It is a hard job and I know that writers everyday are getting paid to just sit at their desks all day and write. I don’t want to be like that though but whatever suits you, Go and Let It Be and Succeed. But I will get through this. My mind is craving for me to let these ideas in my mind go or I swear I will probably explode from it all.

Writing is fun. And don’t let anyone discourage you at what you love to do.

Thank you for reading, My Novels in Progress…

A Love Story

I don’t get this sensation that I’m feeling. My body trembling every time our eyes meet and when he opens his mouth to speak. I can’t believe it’s happening like this. We’ve been friends since birth you could say. So what if everyone keeps saying, “It’s gonna happen sooner or later.” This isn’t suppose to happen.

 My misbehaving eyes follow him as he enters the classroom and takes his rightful place next to me. No! Not rightful! What am I thinking? We’re only friends and plus he doesn’t like me like that…I know he doesn’t.

“Hey,” he greets me with his smile but it’s no smile no more to me. It’s like your favorite box of candy given to you to make your day, to satisfy your feelings and make you desire more.

“Hey,” I barely replied avoiding eye contact.

The worse thing happens, although it used to be a wonderful thing, the teacher left out the class to talk with a staff in the hallway. Now he’s going to want to talk.

“Guess what?” he said although in my head it echoed three times and my heart pumped so quickly it was like me being in a race for power.

“What,” I replied half groaning with no craving to talk.

“I heard there’s this new restaurant slash club downtown,” he began every word sticking to the side of my mind, “my ma thinkin’ about takin’ me down there to check it out,”

There was this awkward silence but I realized it was only me because he was finish talking. His brown comical eyes squinted at me in question. My pulse was speeding faster in that race for power for I suddenly saw I was starring with this smirk on my face.

Turning quickly away I said, “Oh, really,” although that was a lame reply but I had nothing really to say.

With an unsure type of tone he replied, “Yeeeah…So, well, my ma wanted to take Amber but she has a dance class rehearsal. So it’ll be just me and her,”

What did he say? I completely blocked him out accidentally because I kept replaying my stupid moment of falling into that death trap of love that one thing you do not do…the stare.

So I just said, “Oh,” again.

The teacher returned carrying a stack of paper. Homeroom class was over and math began. We had to do a worksheet on linear equations. My crowded mind kept replaying that moment and his face and his warm aroma that floated towards me after every one of his movements. My stomach churned, I was going to be sick. I can’t like him! He is my closets friend in the world. The only friend I have. It’s not right.

We were doing our work or let’s just say everyone else was doing their work. My eyes uncontrollably kept glancing at him to the side. He was working, hard. He loves math. I can’t stand the subject. I couldn’t concentrate for nothing, though. Finally, I was able to complete two of the problems although I had twenty minutes to do all six, but I couldn’t help it.

Of course my crazy eyes doing the will of my hormonal drunken loved brain took a quick glance at him again but this time I thought my world was at an end. He was leaning on his right arm, only because he’s left handed, but his eyes weren’t on his paper, they were on me. It was so awkward because we startled and then laughed and I somewhat gave a giggle. Why was he starring? Maybe his curiousness of my glancing sensation made him want to make sure he was correct.

At this time everyone was talking which really meant, we’re done.

“Do you need help Honey Snack?”

My heart did that skip again, that unusual skip. And I can hear the blood rushing to my head. I was about to ask why he called me that when I remembered that had always been my nickname. I hesitated. I wanted less talking as possible but he was my friend I couldn’t give him the shoulder and the side of my head.

“No,” I quickly said then I expected.

After a small awkward pause he started talking again but I could barely hear him over my obsessed consciousness and my shaking hands. When is this class over? Time never wants to be your friend in bad situations. Finally, the bell rung and with a quick goodbye I went to my next class. After that slow exhilarating class I only saw him once more and that was at lunch. That’s high school for you. I could barely eat any and worse think throughout the day. This is becoming too much to bare. With the utmost urge and desire to just tell him about this stupid feeling I feel about him I just tried avoiding him.

Now this new thing that has developed in me since my feelings for my…closest friend which isn’t acceptable I became to observe more things about him then I would as a friend. Well, his attire today was a brownish polo shirt revealing his growing muscular arms and blue baggy jeans that I knew contained… I shouldn’t even be thinking about this about him. Well, I’m human deal with it, but his style of dress was influenced by me because I love polo shirts and baggy jeans which I’ve noticed he wears more often now….weird. He’s always there to impress another girl or me… sometimes other girls, I think. His curly black hair covered half his light-skinned forehead which was an influence by me. Oh, he is a delicious caramel wafer. My stomach is growling now but it’s only because I didn’t eat at lunch, but he kept talking and starring here and there. Hopefully he doesn’t feel the same about me or maybe I just had food on my mouth or something. I want us to remain friends and hug without awkwardness or hesitation. Diana, a girl I know, tells me that having a close friend as a boyfriend is much amusing than some random boy. I knew she was right.


-written by LeQuita C. Harrison, 18 find also in Passion of Poetry


I feel a rumble in my tummy
It’s telling me something funny.
I hope it’s about some money
It maybe about sweet honey
But all I know its humming
Firing up inside me
What happened to my belly?
It don’t feel like jelly.
It mainly feels compelling.
I do not like this feeling.
My mind knows what its saying.
It’s popping and its growling
It’s wining and its calling
What’s going on in my stomach?
I am not sick and feverish
Nor cramped up and or peevish
When my eyes see a danish
I notice that it increases
So what is this I’m suffering from?
It surly got me on the run.
Maybe I should give it food
Do you think it’s in the mood?
Immediately my body jumps for joy
I give it some and it rejoice
I felt a laugh within my tummy
It surely told me something funny
The entire time, I’m sitting here in worry
Only to find out that it was hungry.

-By LeQuita C. Harrison

Why and How did I come to Love Johnny Depp…0_o

When people ask me, “Why do you like Johnny Depp?” I usually reply, well, I was at my peek, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t its the beginning stage of adolescence. I was in six grade at this horrible school that I ended up transferring out of. And the English teacher, Mrs. Beard… yes that was her name, said it was movie day (Friday). She was already a huge fan of the man and I was just in the stages of my life where I thought every boy I saw was cute. But I was shy and usually got picked on a lot so I didn’t really stand out in a positive way for others. So the teacher had put in the movie. She said it was Pirates of the Caribbean, The Black Pearl. I think it just came out because it sounded familiar in my ears and everyone was agreeing to put it in.

As the movie went on I found myself being drawn in by this pirate dude, named Jack Sparrow. And at that moment I fell in love with the man’s talent. See I am a very creative person and have come to do some acting in my high school years. So I was looking forward to people who were great at what they do. Plus the pirate was sexy. Since that Friday evening watching that movie I begged my mother to by it for me. If I can recall, I got it after doing something. All I remember was going to Wal-Mart and asking the guy at the counter if they had it and he went and got it for me. We watched it that night and my little sister, Autumn, was scared of it, because of the walking skeletons. I was a little scared too but I was fixated on that one pirate. Capt. Jack Sparrow.

So I was young and didn’t really think, hey LeQuita go look up the dude. I wasn’t too much into computers at the time. Matter a fact computers were still trying to get popular. So a few months later before I transferred to another school, out of that ridiculous school, me and my sister brought the movie Peter Pan which came out too. Of course my jumping peeking stage was hypnotic on pirates. Pirates, pirates, and pirates. Wow when I think about it now, that sounds weird, but it is true. And when we saw Captain Hook in that movie we fell in love. At first I thought it was the man that played Jack Sparrow but saw it wasn’t. It was Jason Isaacs who is also a talented actor. Wew I am not going to tell you where my mind was in that year.

Finally, after I transferred to a new and clean environment…and moved to another house, I looked the pirate up. Johnny Depp….<3 I remember printing out trillions of pictures of him on the internet and cutting him out of magazines. I admired him for some reason… do not ask, just read and enjoy. So by the time I got to 7th grade I was practically in love with the man. I had seen half of his movies and seen almost all of his interviews on youtube. I say this was the time I became awesome at using computers. I was the person you came to when the computer broke down.

I remember one horrible embarrassing day when I came to lose my folder with my Johnny Depp stuff in it. At first I did not notice and when I did I thought I had left it home. So that one day I was in my science teacher’s class and we were taking a test or something. And he held up a folder and began to read the poems I wrote to Johnny Depp. At first I was clueless at what he was reading but then I recognized the green folder and the words struck me. My eyes opened wide and I fell embarrassed. I was already not the ‘popular’ type in that school so to have this done was like a road to disaster.

He gave me back my folder and everyone was smiling but not laughing at me. I felt comfortable and the teacher made me feel comfortable as well. He started to do impressions of Johnny and I completely forgot everyone was in the room. He was so funny. So after that day, that same teacher, reminds me of my obsession of Johnny Depp. He even brought me a pirates of the caribbean towel and bathwash. And always told me that he saw him walking down the street or going into another classroom. Everyone began to get use to it and I felt more comfortable about liking Johnny. Thanks to my teacher, my crazy classmates, Mrs. Beard and her intro of that movie, I would not have noticed the guy. But now I only think he is handsome and very talented. I admire his skills and he is or was I don’t know dedicated to his french family.

-love to Johnny Depp. will always be my number 1 star.

P.S. Kelly Allen Breeding is my second. I don’t think he will ever make it up there to take Johnny’s spot. *Shrug*


-Time. Wasted. In. The. Technology’s. Evolutionary. Rampage.


Duffy Celebrity Softball Game


Kelly                       Carnell                       Patrick                Dustin                       Bryan

On Saturday, August 4th, 2012 I, my sister Autumn, and my dad, Carlo, traveled to Wilmington, Delaware for a softball game. Yea you’re probably wandering, why in the world did we go all the way there from Baltimore to see a softball game. Well, guess what! It was not no ordinary softball game but it was a celebrity softball game. See two different things. Now I have been planning and convincing my mom to let me go. And finally I got her to say yes and I brought my tickets online. I was totally pumped.

Now you all are probably like what? Yea I really don’t care too much for celebrity get togethers but this was different. See, I am in love with this group called B5 (Breeding 5). They are a RnB group of brothers. And sexy they are indeed or I would not have went. My favorite one in the group is Kelly Allen Breeding. He is the most handsomest man in the world. His brothers are Dustin, Patrick, Carnell, and Bryan. They all are awesome singers and amazing dancers.

So me, sis, and dad finally arrived there FOUR hours early! Mainly because we traveled there so I was getting nervous and excited. Also around the corner of the stadium they were setting up for the meet and greet. Of course there were other celebrities there who I wanted to meet too…I mean, why not!? So the time began to go by fast and before I knew it we were first in line at the stadium doors. When we went in we got front row seats next to the VIP section. Hell! that was close enough for me to see my babes up close.


I got all of there autographs and got a picture with my boo boo Kellz and Patrick. Me and my sis was screaming from the top of our lungs. She got a picture with her boo boo Carnell. It was amazing. I was so focused on their sexiness that I wasn’t paying too much to the game. But at the end the celebrity team lost. I think it was 8 to 7. They played against these other celebs or citizens of Delaware…

It was so much fun! We got everyone’s autographs (actors etc) and were hyped when getting back in our car. We got home very fast and the entire time we were screaming. I had a ball that evening! I hope one day I will meet them again and hopefully be little calm so I can think things through when they are with us. Cuz I was completely speechless when they came over.

And Kellz eyes were on the money. I wanted to snatch him away!!!

So to sum it all up! I had the best weekend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Love to B5!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Love…

I never expected when it came unto me

I eased my way in as if I was a bee

There was no need to hide how I felt

As I looked in your eyes and my heart just melt

Eyes so brown and bright, so full of life

I wanted to snatch you and make you all mines.

But oh how our lives run down different paths

I now still hope that one day we will soon pass

I’ll see you walk by or have a word with you

I will die inside with nerves and hope you do too

The way you smile just makes me want to laugh

Every time you speak its like a melody on blast

I cry when you’re so far away

I cry when you don’t notice me that day

Oh the pain of love is just the beginning of life

To experience something new and full of delight

I shall hold you close, if you will be mine

Stare in those eyes while the time flies bye.

The love I feel inside my heart

Is waiting for you to take your part

I want you and I am not afraid to say it

I think liking you have made me different

I feel as if we can be something new

I just hope in your heart you feel the love too.

-to K.A.B.

Being a Writer

Working on a novel is fun but sometimes you run into those weird writers blocks and it completely turns you doing another path. They say you are supposed to carry a notepad with you everywhere you just in case you come up with a very decent idea. But whenever I do take one with me, it never gets filled in. But my mind be exploring all types of ideas and imagining everything and making up the best conversations and quotes and for some reason they stick with me. I love writing and it loves me. I just can’t wait until I finish one of my books and get it published. I will be so happy and satisfied.

Getting into the Korean Addiction

Dear Blog,

Thanks to my sister Autumn and her obsession with Asian people and Asian things. I am now hooked. I am so hooked that I mostly listen to Asian songs mainly in the Korean category. I love Asian actors and singers such as T.O.P. G-Dragon and the rest of the Big Bang group. And actors Motsumoto Jun who I love so dearly, Jang Guen Suk, and Lee Hong Ki. I am soooo hooked that I am actually teaching myself Korean. It is very nice and I am going at my own pace. I love saying Salanghae which means I love you. I love the word Gamsahabnida which means Thank you and believe me saying it this way sounds so nice to the tongue and the throat. I am still trying to learn phrasings and how to address people the correct way. I love it. I love challenging myself. So before long I will be a black young woman who knows Korean. People gona look at me like WTF.  haha. Peace!

The Key of Accomplishing Anything

People already know the answer to the key of accomplishing anything. You do it everyday and do not realize it. People old and young take advantage of it and do not realize how important it is to us. Imagine walking around town and not knowing what those strange symbols mean hanging on top of stores and the signal lights and the street signs. Yes, you’d probably guess where I am heading too. Reading. It is very funny to go up to a person on the street and ask, “Do you read? Do you read a lot? Do you consider yourself a good reader?” and then they would probably reply, “Oh no, I don’t read. And not as often as I should,” or, “I think I am an average reader.” Well, the ironic part about their answers are what makes them funny. Of course people think when you say ‘read’ they interpret it as ‘reading a book’ but when you think about it, it means both. We are the ones who separate it to the topic of books because we forget about using it in our daily lives.

Reading is very important and whether you are awesome at it or a beginner…like the chillydren… you should take heed to it. Most of the time in your life you are reading and can help a lot when you are in school, at work, and even driving a car- “WATCH OUT THAT’s A DEAD END!” Although, now a days they say you must learn how to use the computer and all these other wild technologies fighting for the spotlight and killing brain cells. But when you read a book you are opening your mind to extraordinary boundaries that only you can create. To use your imagination and to use your own interpretations considering your background, your life, your issues, and even your personality, you can create your own world and understandings. There is nothing wrong with letting your head go up in the clouds here and there…nooo not all the time…here and there.

Without the ability to read we would be making noises to communicate. Although, when you think about it, when we speak we are making some type of noise but its only organized….0_o. Well, as I was saying we should not take advantage of our ability to read by forgetting that we do it every second of the day. It’s good to profound on it with books and magazines…newspapers. By doing this we can gain the knowledge we do not get from watching TV and listening to Bruno Mars The Lazy Song. Get up and do something!

Let reading be your priority because if you can’t read then nobody is going to want you and you will not be able to accomplish anything because you won’t know what anything is talking about.

(This is a random thought I wanted to say. If it sounds confusing just laugh it off)

The Tide

The crystal sea of diamonds,
Washed upon my shore.
It brought joy and pain
But still, it, I adored.
With the wind as its hands
And the crackle of the sky,
It brought millions of love
And watched hearts go by.
With a taste that stings
I still drink it with pride.
It brought power to my soul
And enlightment in my eyes.
The coolness of its touch
Made all my toes stand.
It brought sparkles of light
And glisten my path.
With its rhythm in its dance
My pulse caught up.
It brought a whirl of possibilities
And fulfillment in my cup.
The crystal sea of diamonds
Washed upon my shore.
I smiled with a thank you
Because it brought me my world.

 written by LeQuita C. Harrison

also find in Passion of Poetry

My Life Source

What will I do?
When all the paper has ran out?
Will I sit and weep?
Will I stare at the clock
Deep in thought?
How will I go on in life?
With nobody pushing me
In what I love to do?
What will I do
When my ink runs dry?
Will I have the strength
To get a new one?
Will I sit and worry?
I will still be me, I know.
You can scorn me with your lies
But I will still be me.
If I have to carve
The words on wood with only my nails
I will get what I need said.
If I have to speak my words
From the needle of my tongue
I will do so.
No soul or thing on earth
Can cease my writing
For it is all a thought.
My mind is a stone
Covered with brimstone
No water can kindle it
No hammer can break it.
Nothing can stop it.
It only continues to burn
And may hurt if not careful
Though I may die
It shall still continue
For it is alive
In spirit, within me
And I within it
For it is my life source…
The only part of me that is me.

written by LeQuita C. Harrison                         Back to Passion of Poetry